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hump . what should i write now ? *thinks* i just came home a few minutes ago , and then , getting bored right here . so , i prefer to sit in front of my computer , then work out :) *chuckles* [i cant use those words !]

hey , have you ever feel so scared about something ? fright when you're seeing a cat , or get dizzy so suddenly while you're facing a lot of people ?
well , i have . and its getting worst . now im sure im phobia with caterpillar and injection . do you know why ? i dont know why :(

i ever go to singapore for medical check up . there , i have to got some of injection too . since these time , i always hate it .

this morning i came to my mom's office , and visited the office's doctor . last day she punished me that i havent any antibiotic in my blood to protect mine from hepatitis . gosh . can you imagine it ?? she also said , i have to get an injection every three months . what the heck ?!

it makes me feel so bad . my right arm still hurt . i hate injection so much !
why it must be happened ???!

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