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nothing :D

morning all! :D
this day will be full with activities! *lol* i started this day with accompanied my mommy to her office, then arrived in my home around 9 o'clock. then, im posting here :)
well, in 1 o'clock, i will go to studio. my friend asked me to join his band, as a vocalist. well, he said his band will use slow rock, but im not sure it will appropriately great with my voice. (ah yah, i've made 2 songs, maybe they want to use them in their band ^_^)

last but not least, my mind is still confuse with all. where i wanna take college? should i go to bandung? or stay in jakarta? i need ptn, but im not sure my last test will gimme it :(

hey! i think i will use this blog as my diary. so, what should i do with my real diary? throw it away?
naah, its too cute to be throwed! >.<
any idea?

. noe .

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